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A vehicle finance specialist will reach out to you within 24 to 48 hours to go over your application and show you options.

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Vehicle Auto Finance Experience

With over 20 years of collective experience in the automotive industry. we have selectively chosen the best dealerships in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario to help individuals with bad credit car loans, no credit car loans and as well good credit car loans.

With Vehicle Auto Finance, we make it easy and affordable for anyone to get a new or used car regardless of credit history.

Vehicle Auto Finance has reversed the process of auto financing to minimize the chances of getting denied or rejected. By firstly working on your approval and securing the best rates, this helps ensure that you will get the vehicle you want that is affordable and comfortable for you. 

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Vehicle Auto Finance

Vehicle Auto Finance offers you the Best vehicle financing options in Canada Regardless of your credit score!

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Auto Financing can be challenging. Selecting the right lender, dealership and interest rates could take weeks. This is why we have made vehicle financing simple.


Vehicle Finance in Canada has changed over the years. From credit rebuilding programs to leasing to own options, many of these programs were built to help individuals with bad credit and no credit. With Vehicle Auto Finance, we strive to keep you included in all the savings.

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High Standards

We work with only the best dealerships that must fit our requirements. We work with dealerships across Canada to provide the best service and vehicle selection to fit all your needs. vehicle auto finance should be your only stop for vehicle financing.


Thousands of people apply at to get the best auto financing and choice of their desired truck, van, SUV or car. So simple, easy and convenient that 90% of purchasing a vehicle can be done online with your smart phone or computer. Why spend countless hours driving from bank to bank or even dealership to dealership when you can just take 1 minute and apply online by clicking here

Vehicle Financing in Canada

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Vehicle financing in Canada is very competitive. With Vehicle Auto Finance you have more choices! You can choose from the type of vehicle you want to  the payments you would like to have. You could even get approved for no money down and even 0% interest. Keep in mind that you don’t want to shop around too much. Too many credit pulls can harm your credit! 

Vehicle auto finance has already built the relationships with dealerships for you so you don’t have to run around shopping and wasting your valuable time.

We are on your side and will work hard with our selected dealerships to get you approved for your new vehicle.

Whether you are looking for new vehicles or used vehicles, we have the options for you at Vehicle Auto Finance in Canada. For more information for vehicle financing, visit our blog by clicking here

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Loans in Canada

A Bank or Non-Banking Financial Company (Known as Lender) gives a car loan to a person who wishes to buy a car. A car loan can be referred to as a borrowing instrument. Car is no longer a symbol of status or a luxury item as it is becoming an essential good for a middle-class family. Individuals who have a good credit history can apply for car loans offered by banks and NBFCs.

Yes! Car loans for buying a used car are available. They are offered by various Banks and NBFCs. However, the interest rate would differ from that of a new car. The Car loan will only include the price of the car. Transfer of Registration like additional documentation will cost you separately.

The maximum amount of loan you can apply for would differ from bank to bank. Certain factors work here as the price of the car, type of car i.e. standard or premium, new car or used car, etc.

You will require the following self-attested documents to apply for a car loan:

i. Sin number.

ii. Proof of Identity, ie: Drivers license

iii. 1-3 of your most recent pay stubs

iv. Any other document as required by the Lender.

on standard, Monthly payments will vary with all car loans. Each Car loan will vary from 1-5 years subsequently there are car loans that can be applied for to last up to 7 years. Keep in mind, the shorter loan term the higher the payments and the longer the loan term the lower the payments.

Some lenders do not declare the minimum amount of income required for a car loan. However, some do. A Co-signer will increase your chance of car loan in case if your salary doesn’t reach the threshold declared salary. Most lending institutions require minimum $1800 before tax monthly income. If you do not meet this standard we do have programs that can help.

If an individual is unable to fulfill the car loan eligibility factors like age, income, etc then a Co-borrower or Loan Guarantor will help you a lot. Otherwise, if you are completely eligible then you can apply on your own.

Below are some factors of getting to the Rejection of car loan application:

i. Multiple Defaulted repayments.

ii. Recent Vehicle Repossession

iii. Multiple loan rejection in a short period of time.

iv. Failing bank eligibility criteria (like age, salary, etc).

There are no tax benefits for a car loan. However Many vehicle loans can be tax efficient for businesses owners. There are some write offs that could be available. You would need to discuss that with your own accountant.

You can ask for negotiation on car loan based on the following parameters:

i. Prior relationship with the lender.

ii. Showing your credit history.

iii. Previous regular payments of loans and credit cards etc.

At the time of purchasing a car, insurance or registration fees are not covered in the car loan. It is mandatory to buy car insurance and vehicle registration will cost you separately as they are not covered in a car loan. On the other hand most dealerships do have their own insurance broker they work with to help you with this.

There are generally two methods that you can use to make loan EMI payments.

i. PAD(pre authorized debit): to your lender when getting a car loan.

ii. Post dated cheques however this method is a little outdated, lenders will still accept this.

There are generally two methods that you can use to make loan payments.

i. PAD (pre authorized debit): to your lender when getting a car loan.

ii. Post dated cheques however this method is a little outdated, lenders will still accept this.

After fully paid your car loan. Make sure you inform your lending institution that your payments are now complete. Confirm there is no lien left on the vehicle and ask them for the next steps, some lenders will differ from others with their processes but they are seemingly simple.

We Work with the best car loan providers and dealerships in Canada. The Banks or other Lending institutions process the application that goes through document verification and loan amount. Generally, we strive for 48 hours to get car loan approval. However, sometimes it can take longer if agents or employees are tied up with other work as well.