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where can I buy repossessed cars

What is car repossession?

There are numerous auto loans in Canada that you can use, but failure to stick to your payment plan can spell doom. Repossession means losing the collateral that you use to secure a loan. Usually, collateral like a car, real estate property, or any value that has value.  However, you need to know that repossession is a monster, and you should run away at all costs. Aside from reclaiming that… Read More »What is car repossession?

Cars for Sale in Canada

Important Things to Know About Cars for Sale in Canada

Buying a used car is not always as simple as finding a car for sale in Canada. There are however some tips to make you sure that your experience with cars for sale is a positive one and you get exactly what you are looking for. When it comes to used cars, there are no guarantees but there are also many warning signs that will ensure that your next car… Read More »Important Things to Know About Cars for Sale in Canada

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how to get bad credit auto financing

Getting auto financing for your dream car is not supposed to be a big deal. However, if you have bad credit, it could make a simple process quite difficult. You quickly find that with bad credit, lenders aren’t particularly opening their arms wide to offer you auto financing. Don’t worry so much, there are many lenders and car dealerships that are willing to help customers with bad credit. Usually, your… Read More »how to get bad credit auto financing

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8 Steps To Rebuild Credit In Canada

1. Leave old debts on your credit report You can’t rebuild credit if you don’t have any credit to begin with! Often new and younger Canadians run into this problem because they are starting to just build their credit. Old credit accounts are best to be left open because the longer the history of using credit responsibly, the better. Keep those credit cards around but you don’t have to use… Read More »8 Steps To Rebuild Credit In Canada

When is the best time to buy a new car

When Is The Best Time To Buy a New Car

While knowing when is the best time buy a new car may be one of the details that you never consider, the reality is that it is very important. After all, it can save you some money. When you decide to buy a new car, you know that you are committing. According to the Financial Post, back in 2016, the average Canadian used to spend around 21% of their monthly salary… Read More »When Is The Best Time To Buy a New Car

Building credit with an auto loan, auto loan, car financing, auto financing, vehicle financing

How to build credit with an auto loan

How does an auto loan affect your credit? When you receive the approval for your auto loan, your credit feels the effect in a number of ways. There is a hard inquiry to your credit report during the application process that usually takes away some point from your score. This also happens when you are refinancing your auto loan. Your credit history increases because you gain a new credit item… Read More »How to build credit with an auto loan